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Autoimmunity – A Nutritional Strategy

Autoimmunity - A Nutritional Strategy Until recently the issue of autoimmunity was not even accepted within the scientific community. Although initially introduced in late ?O's, the mechanism of autoimmunity was considered radical until the late 1980s. Throughout the '90s autoimmune diseases proliferated until it seemed almost common to know a person with an autoimmune disease. Autoimmunity literally means that the immune system has developed antibodies to attack its own tissues. There are many theories as to why this may happen. This paper wi II present three of the main theories behind this event. Traditional medical approaches seem to concern themselves only with trying to control the secondary symptoms of autoimmunity instead of addressing the underlying causes, which are still enigmatic and mysterious. One possible mechanism of autoimmunity concerns the integrity of the cellular and nuclear membranes. When these membranes begin to lose their integrity leaking minute amounts of nuclear genetic [...]

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