Cancer – A Nutritional Strategy

Cancer – A Nutritional Strategy

It is said that with cancer in the best strategy is prevention!  The truth is, according to Boyd a famous pathologist, the body is in and out of a cancerous state 40 times each day.  There is function of the normal body that is able to identify and control the development of cancer on a cellular level.  When this function stops working there is the possibility of developing a focus of cancer called a tumor.  A tumor is a much more difficult challenge for the body to resolve than the singular cancer cell.

Prevention can be achieved by reducing the risk factors, especially those which create a chronic immune burden, toxic burden and especially estrogen concentration.  This is accomplished by lifestyle modification and by nutrient supplementation to support the body’s innate ability to detoxify, specifically phase I and II liver function and lymphatic and immune function.  The use of family history review and using the cancer potential survey, it is possible to determine an individual’s risk tendency and therefore indicate the level of prevention that should be elected.

When cancer does occur there are some basic principles that should be employed.  Cancer is a primitive tissue that is undifferentiated and therefore it is not very sophisticated in its ability to metabolize, requiring primarily sugar to thrive.  Simply by reducing sugar and sugar-forming foods from the diet, it is possible to reduce the nourishment of the tumor.  As well by moving more into a ketotic fat-burning state it is possible to encourage the body toward a cannibalistic state, in which it begins to consume any unnecessary tissue.  Ultimately the goal is to get the body to eat the tumor.

One principle of cancer is that the body deals with cancer the same way it deals with infection.  Certain principles dictate that by unburdening the immune system of chronic sub clinical or cavitated infections, the immune system can be freed to more for potently attend to any tumorous activity.  This is especially so with low-grade infestations of parasites, yeast proliferation and cavitated infections carried under the teeth or in body cavities.  These infections may be reduced and eliminated thus liberating the immune system to the greater ambition of attacking any tumor formation.

The liver is considered by all cancer experts to be essential in achieving control over cancer.  Phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification can be encouraged with the use of lifestyle and diet modification and nutritional supplementation.  This is essential to the body’s immune ability to identify abnormal cell growth in and target it with white blood cells.  It is proven that proper calcium function is an essential flag to activate union responses.  Almost all natural cancer therapy is included intense systemic and liver detoxification.

It is also possible to promote enzymatic functions through enzyme therapy and supplementation, as well as by bio-terrain assessment and support.  Some enzymes and antioxidants are respected for their ability to anecdotally reduce tumor activity.  While many Western cancer therapies are successful at controlling and killing tumors, it should be pointed out that unless the body is balanced and corrected from its former imbalance it may reproduce the cancer yet again.  Many people waste the blessing of remission by not being active during the remission to reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

In general it is evident that the immune system has been overburdened and inundated in this toxic imbalanced world.  This is our first and most important responsibility when dealing with cancer.  Caring for foundational issues in cancer can be done individually or complement your eye alongside other therapies.

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